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Banker's Demand of Increase of 25% Is  Absolutely Justified and Sacrosanct




S. Srinivasan

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We have received an exhaustive Approach Paper from Shri S. Srinivasan, a well union leader, who has taken retirement from union activities voluntarily to pave the way for younger generation.   Earlier too we have uploaded some of his thought provoking and indepth studied articles.   Now once again we have received an extremely good Approach Paper wherein he has argued as to why 25% Increase in wages is absolutely justified and should be sacrosanct for the UFBU.

The whole approach paper must be read by each and every UFBU leader, Management of IBA, CMDs, HRD people and Ministry of Finance officials.   All our readers are advised to read the paper and confront the leaders of UFBU as to why they are caving in for as low as 12% increase in 10th BPS.  

The war has began for getting an honourable settlement.  The agitation called by younger group of bankers on 13th September, 2014, may become a watershed in the fight for honourable wage revisions.

You can download the full version of the Approach Paper running into 127 pages and send the same to as many bankers as possible so that more and more people can understand as to why 25% wage increase is justified.


Download : The Approach Paper In Pursuit of Early Settlement of 10th BPS Between Negotiating Unions in Banking Industry and IBA


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The copies of the above Approach Paper have already been sent to all the concerned authorities.   There is a need to build a pressure on UFBU leaders so that they do not surrender before IBA and GoI and accept anything below 25% as this demand is fully justified.   

I would like to have quoted from the Paper but have avoided as it will reduce the impact as I wish each and every banker should read this Paper as Mr S Srinivasan has spent lot of energy and time.   I now to prepare a paper even of five pages drains your energy, but here Mr Srinivasan has taken so much pain though he is not going to gain anything persoally.  We need to salute him for his hard work.

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