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Tarikh Pe Tarikh  -   Next Tarikh is  23rd February, 2015



Rajesh Goyal 

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As scheduled today (i.e. 20th February, 2015) once again Mr M V Tanksale, Chief Executive of IBA and Mr K Unnikrishnan, Deputy Chief Executive of IBA appeared before the Chief Labour Commissioner (Mr P P Mitra) at Delhi for reconciliation meeting with UFBU.   

Thus, the whole drama of dashing to Delhi by the highest officials of IBA (I assume some other lower functionaries must have accompanied them to assist) was enacted to befool Aam Banker.  This must have led to a sizeable amount of expenditure and wastage of time for IBA team.   Similarly, visit by UFBU leaders to Delhi must have made a hole in the pockets of Aam Banker as it is the expenses charged to the monthly subscription paid by bankers.  The outcome was that next Tarikh for negotiations was fixed.


The end result was on the expected lines.   CLC suggested both the parties for one more round of talks before the scheduled date of strike.   Both the parties accepted the same gladly.


Next Act of the Drama will be now in Mumbai on 23rd February, 2015

The news ends here.   However, this raises many important issues regarding the status and role of IBA, which I intend to uploading separately.

However, our readers know it very well that present Chief Executive of IBA (Mr Tanksale) is an Ex-Chairman of PS Bank.  He has sufficient experience to understand the problems and salary structure of the bankers as he must have experienced the same upto the level of GM (From ED onwards they get salaries based on GoI scales).    He has been given post-retirement posting and enjoying the benefits beyond the age of 60 years whereas Aam Banker is being made to run from pillar to post for revision of the pay scale  during his service period itself which have been due for more than 27 months now.    A large number of retired bankers have died waiting for 100% neturalisation of their DAs, forget about how many lakhs are waiting for the updation of pension.

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The biggest question which arises now is that when both the parties were ready for next round of negotiations, what stopped them to agree on next date even before the Chief Labour Commissioner had called them for reconciliation.   I can think of only two reasons :-

(a) One reasons can be that both the parties are illiterate and do not understand the nitty-gritty of wage negotiations and needs an outsider to make them understand these and then  force them to come to the table for negotiations.   I am sure no reader will agree that ex-Chairman of  a PS Bank is so  illiterate or novice that he is not aware of the law relating to reconciliation proceedings.  Even UFBU leaders  are not totally illiterate and I am sure they are well aware of the laws relating to strike and conciliation proceedings.


Second reasons can be that both the parties have highest ego and were not ready to shed their ego.   Banking is a big industry with over 8 lakh work force.   Are the egos of UFBU and IBA are so big that they are not ready to open back room channels so that the next date of negotiations could have been  decided by themselves rather than surrender to an outsider authority to cajole them to shed the egos.   


In this tussle, I think IBA has to share bigger blame.   UFBU has a large cadre and with its creditability already eroded, I think it would have been more difficult for UFBU to start this initiative.   They could have done only by following transparent system.     In case of ego clashes,  the employer (in this case IBA is representing them) has to shed his ego and show large heartedness as they are the givers.     It is the duty of IBA Chairman, IBA, Chief Executive Officer to continue their dialogue with GoI and convince the GoI / MoFs that such adamant attitude can hurt the sentiments of over 8 lakh workers which will not be good for the nation in the long run. 


There is a need to remember that by mere brute power, Government can ignore and crush sometimes the legitimate demands of workers, but its implications will have much bigger ramification in the long run as moral of the employees goes down and their dedication towards the organization gets dented.    Therefore, I believe it was a foolish act of IBA to wait for CLC meeting for next round of talks.

Always remember that when children become too adamant, it is only parents who needs to show some flexibility.   If they fail, it can lead to crimes like honour killing, which leads to death of children and jail for parents.   No one will be winner in such honour killings merely to keep their egos intact.

I hope this message goes to IBA and GoI and they show the necessary flexibility or else consequences will be of long term and it may take years before the banking industry can be brought to track.





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