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Details of Circulars Issued by AIBOC & UFBU After Deferring the 4 Day Strike



Rajesh Goyal 

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Just after we have uploaded the article today under the heading “ Deferment of 4 Day Strike Has Only Fuelled  Anger Among Aam Banker and Exposed  That  UFBU  Has Deep Rooted Differences Among Its Constituents we received some more circulars / information, which  we are uploading now, for the information of readers so that they remain updated .

At the end we are giving our comments in continuation of our above referred article uploaded  today (i.e. 20/01/2015).

UFBU Circular dated 19/01/2015, reads as follows




In our previous Circular, we have informed that while agreeing for formation of Sub-Committees for other issues relating to wage revision, we had suggested for holding of Meetings of Sub-Committees immediately without any loss of time.  Accordingly, IBA called for Sub-Committee meetings on 14th January 2015 to discuss on issues relating to demands of Officers as per charter of demands and on 19th January 2015 to discuss on Health Insurance in lieu of Reimbursement of hospitalisation expenses and issues relating to Workmen employees as per charter of demands.

Health Insurance Scheme:

 Members are aware that our charter contains demands for improvements in existing Medical Scheme and extension of 100% reimbursement facility for family members.  IBA proposed for introduction of Medical Health Insurance Scheme and provide for wider coverage.


In this background a Sub-Committee Meeting headed by Shri Arun Tiwari, Union Bank of India representing the IBA and all the Nine General Secretaries representing constituent Unions/Associations of UFBU was held on the 19th January 2015.  After thorough deliberations, UFBU pointed out the loose ends to be tied up and suggested for further improvements in the scheme.  IBA assured to take up the issues with the concerned and have another round of discussions.

Meetings On Service Conditions of Officers’ And Workmen:

 In the meetings held separately on 14th and 19th January 2015 with Officers Organisations and Workmen Unions respectively, the issues relating to Disciplinary Matters of Officers, Regulated Working Hours, 5-Day banking and Improvements in Leave Rules were discussed.  Further discussions are to be continued.

 IBA also assured that they would further pursue the matter with Government and deliberate in the Managing Committee Meeting of IBA to be held on the 31st January 2015 with all sincerity and hold discussions with us in the first week of February 2015 to improve the offer further to reach finality.  

UFBU Meeting Held on 19th January 2015:

In this background, the representatives of constituent unions of UFBU met in Mumbai on 19th January 2015.   Extensive and comprehensive discussions were held to review in detail the developments on the Wage Revision front starting from the Conciliation held by the Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) in New Delhi on 5th January2015, followed by the Negotiations with IBA on 6th and 7th January 2015 and also the Sub-Committee meetings held thereafter.  

It was unanimously opined that the IBA had to improve their offer from 11% to 12.5% because of the strenuous efforts of UFBU through strike actions/decisions.  The meeting also attributed the credit for the change in the adamant stance of IBA to all the members who made the strike a total success through their enthusiastic participation.

 In the background of the assurance given by IBA towards expeditious wage settlement and also considering the positive developments since the conciliation meeting held on 5th January 2015, it was unanimously decided by the UFBU to put on hold the Four days’ continuous strike from 21st to 24th January 2015.  It was further decided to vigorously pursue the issues relating to regulated working hours for officers and 5-day banking along with satisfactory increase in offer from 12.5% of pay slip components.  It was also decided to revive the strike action if there is no satisfactory outcome in the next meeting and go ahead with 4/5 days’ strike in the month of February 2015.

 Comrades, the united and determined struggle of all Officers and Workmen alone would bring success in achieving our goals and target.

 Be United - March ahead with solidarity and unity – Success will be ours.






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Additional Information given by AIBOC in its circular dated 20th January, 2015

 You must have come to know by now that our Confederation (AIBOC)  strongly took up the position of adhering to the strike call through the views expressed by your Representatives in the meeting. However, other organizations were not in agreement with our views. After making all efforts to convince other constituents of UFBU to implement the strike call and considering all the pros and cons of our organization going on strike along with only one Award Staff Union (NOBW) will not serve the purpose and will also send signals against the Unity of UFBU. We with very heavy heart agreed to withhold the four days strike with certain conditions. The Convenor of the UFBU has incorporated our feelings and conditions viz. resolving Five days banking and regulated working hours for the officers along with reasonable Salary Revision in the first week of February, 2015, failing which minimum four days strike (with 15 days requisite notice period) would be revived, in the Letter addressed to the Chairman of the IBA.

Comrades, in democratic Organisations like UFBU which consists of Officers’ Organisations and Award Staff Unions with different backgrounds and political Affiliations, differences in opinions are bound to be there. However, we assure you that we are committed to the cause of Workmen class in general and our members in particular to achieve a better service conditions.






 TEXT of the Letter Sent by Convenor of UFBU to IBA on 20th January, 2015





Comments by

·         The circular of UFBU does not give anything new and merely mentions about the discussions and IBA’s assurances.   Nothing concrete has yet been committed by IBA.  There are merely and merely discussions and views expressed by UFBU and IBA has not yet shown their mind on even non monetary issues;

 ·         There were two Unions – AIBOC and NOBW, who wanted to go on strike, and all other 7 unions supported the cause of IBA / Govt in canceling the four day strike from 21st to 24th January, 2015.  I believe AIBOC and NOBW did the right thing as at this stage to walk out of the UFBU would have complicated the issues.


·         AIBOC has ensured that two of its non monetary demands (i.e. 5 day working and regulated working for officers remain on the main agenda of the discussions in the sub-committees), and must be resolved alongwith wage revision.


We have wait for the response of IBA and whether it really moves forwards and again plays its card so as to corner the UFBU and the leaders are almost forced to sign on the dotted lines.  Now more and bankers will be looking towards AIBOC and NOBW, whether they continue to show their aggressive stands.




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