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What Does Mr Chidu Deserve Now ? or What Bankers Should Do In Next 100 Days for Chidu ?



Rajesh Goyal 

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Since Mr P Chidambaram (popularly called  as Chidu on internet, like Rahul Gandhi is known as Pappu and Modi as Feku)  spoke against the rise in wages against bankers, I alongwith  lakhs of other bankers have been simmering with anger.  The moment I read that news on internet, my fingers  automatically started typing  the article under the heading  "Now Chidambaram Defends Lower Wages to Bankers",  I uploaded two days back.   Such burst of anger do not happen daily, as usually I have to plan before I start typing the article.   After the above statement, the gloom among the bankers relating to issues of wage revision, 5 days week etc, have deepened.  

Today evening (12th February, 2014), I have also come across a news item under the heading "Was humiliated by FM: Sudhir Krishna".   This ToI reports reads as under  "Less than 100 days to go before the nation decides their fate and what comes as a massive embarrassment for the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) at this point. A letter written by Urban Development Secretary Sudhir Krishna to his Minister Kamal Nath complaining about the Union Finance Minister's tone and tenor. The bureaucrat writing how Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram repeatedly "humiliated" him in a meeting held on February 6th, 2014. The top bureaucrat is standing up against a key Minister in the UPA triggering a massive political controversy. The Urban Development Secretary seeking the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's intervention but what action will Singh take or has he lost complete control over his own government?"

The above two incidents indicate that Mr Chidu has lost control on himself in great anticipation of defeat of Congress in the forthcoming Lok Sabha Elections.   Moreover, he appears to have been imbalanced by Modi's recent jib at him, calling him "Recounting Minister".   Thus, it is now only a matter of less than 100 days.   There is a need for teaching a lesson to such a Finance Minister for whom the bankers have done a lot of work.

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The attitude shown by Mr Chidu during his statement indicates that there is very little chance that bankers are going to get any sizable benefit from present FM or even Congress Government.   However, bankers have a great chance to teach him a lesson and warn the next FM that bankers should not be taken lightly.   This can be done by some innovative and out of box campaign as is being done from time to time by Aam Aadmi Party.   All this can be done in next 100 days.   This is not difficult  to be done but will require lot of commitment and dedication from UFBU leaders and even Aam Banker, specially from South India.

At the outset, UFBU needs to draft a strong letter to FM giving the strong feelings of Aam Banker for his views on wage revision and asking him to apologies for such a statement or else bankers will launch a massive campaign to dispel the wrong notions that bankers are very well paid vis a vis other sectors.   One of our readers, Mr P K Bhat has rightly said in his comments in the previous article  "All the leaders of UFBU constituent Unions must criticise the FM's speech and misinformation.being given to public.  Facts and figures must be brought before general public to prove point of Bankers' strike.  Such false propaganda must be criticized through print and social media.   Are unions short of money ? Ask for contributions from members they are ready to contribute but don't let the momentum loose its effect.  If leaders really feel for their members there is no point in negotiating other than wage parity with central govt counterparts and five day week.Members are ready for indefinite strike also then who stops these leaders in giving call".   However, personally speaking, I have little hope that Mr Chidu will retract from his views.  Then in next fortnight or so, Election Commission is likely to announce Election Schedule for Lok Sabha elections to be held in April - May, 2014.  

Once elections are announced, UFBU should announce a detailed programme to protest in Chidu's  constituency.  UFBU should invite its cadre  across India to campaign against Mr Chidu  to ensure that he is defeated by huge margins.  The place from where he will fight will be a VIP constituency and is likely to be covered extensively by media.   The leaders have to ensure that each and every corner of the constituency is covered by the Protests by Bankers.   Computer printed slogans pasted on simple card-boards should be displayed by bankers in each market area of all the towns.  

These posters should highlight not only the step-motherly treatment given to bankers but also the scams that have happened in his tenure as different ministers.

The local branches should be asked to bring to light the details of the misdeeds or pressures brought by him or his friends to benefit his local contacts.   All the Congress local leaders of the area should be exposed as local bankers are likely to have lot of information like the loan defaulters, double financing, black money bank accounts etc. etc.   Bankers should ensure that all such local leaders who have defaulted are served notices as per law and no relaxation is shown to any one of them.   Take as stringent steps as are permitted under the law to recover the funds at the earliest as FM must be thriving on such local elements for his vote bank.

A list of all the local branches opened to please Mr FM be prepared giving details of the loss making branches and NPA status of critical branches in the area.    This needs to be circulated widely so that other stake holders (like shareholders) knows the truth as it is their fundamental right to know the inside stories / exposes of the company where they have invested.

Aam Bankers, specially from South India, who can afford should make groups of 10 or more and visit the constituency during the Election Campaign.  Even if they do not want to raise any slogans, let them stand in silence at strategic points with slogans written on placards.    Such bankers should try to contact AAP local unit and take their help in such a campaign as AAP too is against the policies of present FM and is fed up with the corruption under his very nose.   Social media can play a major role in organ sing such campaigns.

In nut shell, there is a need to create a mass movement in his constituency about the misdeeds  so that he loses massively and there should be NO NEED for RECOUNTING, and he should accept defeat in first hour of counting itself.

If UFBU and Aam Banker is able to bring focus on their issues in this constituency, it will serve a duel purpose.  First of all,  I am sure the issue  of lower bank salary will come to national level debate and it will get much higher coverage in the national media.    Second, Chidu may lose his Lok Sabha seat.   Ultimately, if FM and Congress are defeated, it will be a warning for the next FM to be sympathetic to bankers demand. 

Our readers can also give their suggestions in the comments column below or contact details if some of them are ready to take such initiative.   Time is ripe, bankers have to rise to the occasion.



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