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UFBU Decides to Hold Back 4 Day Strike Also Report in First Post



Rajesh Goyal 

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I have come across a shocking news which seems to have been uploaded by First Post few hours back.   The link for the same is given below:-

It appears that the deal between UFBU and IBA is already struck and they have started building a case for cancellation of four day strike.   This may be one of the first news leakage to slowly change the mind of Aam Banker so that he is not shocked when suddenly UFBU announces that 4 days has been cancelled.   We at have been writing for long that towards the end UFBU will try to befool bankers with demands which have no relevance to wage revision.  The demands like 5 day week, regulated working hours have no relevance to the wage revisions and needed to be taken up separately.  

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Now UFBU has started the last phase of befooling the Aam Banker and will ensure that wage hike is negotiated around 13.5%, with a carrot that Sub Committees will look into demands of 5 day week and regulated working hours.   Ultimately, the sub-committees may not recommend such demands or even if recommended, GoI will have the powers to reject the same.  In the above report similar hints are also given towards the end of the report.   Great strategy of UFBU leaders to cheat their cadre as they did in the last BPS to certain sections of retirees who were denied 2nd pension option.

UFBU units seems to have given up and wants to save their energy to strike work and ask its cadre to go on strike and sacrifice salaries when GoI decides to go for bank reforms.   Thus, it will be double loss to the bankers.   They have to compromise with the lowest wage revisions and remain far behind the Central Govt employees, and then pay levy on the arrears.  In next few months, when GoI starts bank reforms, the communist leaderships will again ask Aam Banker to stand against the government and strike work.  Thus they will again have to sacrifice their salaries.

It appears for bankers Ache Din have been sacrificed by UFBU leadership. 



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