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Rajesh Goyal 

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Every banker has been looking towards UFBU leadership for more than last 22 months  to hear some good news.   The situation is similar to the starting scene in movie Lagaan (Amir Khan), where the whole village kees p looking towards sky to see a ray of cloud which may bring some relief to the villagers.   Here for last 22 months, bankers are waiting as to when UFBU will bring some relief to their comrades by ensuring that talks move at least by inches if not by miles.   Bankers are well aware that UFBU is playing the dirty game of delaying tactics to increase their Lagaan (I mean levy) so that even if it trickles they are able to collect their illegal share.

Anyway, let us talk about the talks which were supposed to be held  on 17/09/2014.   We have already uploaded flash news today afternoon that UFBU has agreed to relent its demand of 25% if IBA allows substantial increase of its offer.     Now it is almost mid night and by the time I will finish this write up it will be early 18/09/2014, and most of our readers will see this post only in the morning of 18th.  I have been waiting for the whole day keeping my breath on hold, thinking that some official communication will come so that we can post some authentic information for our readers who keen wait for our updations.   However, no authentic information has been received till mid night and lot of rumors are going around.

Some people  (I will not name it here)  are posting that it is confirmed news that UFBU will not go below 23% and that too if even new recruited bankers are given benefit of old pension, and 5 day banking is allowed etc.   It is a worst kind of rumors as they generate false hopes and then when not found in final circular, leads to  frustration among bankers.   

Similarly, somebody has sent a link wherein it is written that “Wage Revision Talk 17.09.2014 Over With Positive Indications.  Final Round Talk after Week”.    I was wondering as to what is the positivity for bankers in the report that UFBU has relented to reduce its demand from 25%?   Yes, it is positive for IBA that they have been able to tire UFBU to this extent that they on their own have shown their willingness to even agree below 25%.    In the same post it is being tried to convince that now the ball is in the court of IBA.  Interestingly the post gives full credit for calling this meeting to  PM Narendra Modi but says no final announcement could be made as PM is busy with Chinese President.   Great logics, as if poor PM was not earlier aware of the visit of Chinese President and by mistake he kept a meeting of UFBU and IBA on that day.   Please do not believe such posts.

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In view of all the rumors and silence of UFBU, it is leading to frustration among the bankers.  The circular by UFBU should have been issued within one to two hours of conclusion of the talks so that rumors are put to rest and there is transparency and bankers know the truth immediately.   Is UFBU so devoid of talent that they can not draft a one page circular in two hours time ?   As it has happened earlier, now UFBU is likely to issue a circular either on 18th or 19th but the same will be dated 17th to show in future that they were very prompt in issuing the circular.   It has been happening repeatedly in the past.

In view of all the above, we are not commenting on the outcome of the talks and will put up the details only when UFBU actually issues its circular, which we have not seen till the wee hours of 18th September 2014.    If any of readers have any authentic information / circular,  please share the same with us by emailing at .   We do not believe in spreading rumors.   We expect UFBU to be much faster as now in this age of internet, a delay of four to five hours is considered as unbearable.



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