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Talks Failed - Now Bankers Should Lick Their Wounds For One Month Before They Go For One Day Strike




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UFBU circular on talks held on 26th September, 2014

Further to the last round of meeting held on 17th instant, another round of bipartite meeting was held with the IBA today (26.9.2014).  IBA was represented by Shri Rajeev Rishi (CMD Central Bank of India), Chairman of the Negotiating Committee along with other members of the Negotiating Committee. UFBU was represented by all its constituent unions.


In today's meeting there was a detailed discussion on our demand for 100% reimbursement of hospitalisation expenses incurred by the employees/officers and their family members and the group mediclaim scheme offered by the IBA in response thereto.  We explained our various apprehensions about the implementation of the scheme and hassle-free reimbursement of claims thereunder. We reiterated that employees/officers should not be required to deal directly with the insurance company or their Third Party Administrators. IBA has agreed and accordingly clarified that even though employees would be covered by the mediclaim scheme, they would continue to submit their claims to the management as hitherto and the reimbursement would be made by the Banks with the improved benefits of the scheme accruing to the employees.  IBA also agreed to incorporate the suggestions submitted by the UFBU while finalising the scheme.  Hence a broad in-principle consensus was mutually agreed upon and the final scheme would be worked out accordingly on the above lines.


We also raised the following issues during the discussions today:


                Pension related matters i.e. 100% DA on pension for pre-Nov. 2002 retirees, improvement in family pension, provision for periodical updation of pension

                Introduction of 5 days banking / 5 days working

                Regulated working hours for officers



After discussion, IBA informed that they are inclined to favorably consider the demand of 100% DA on pension for pre-Nov. 2002 retirees.  IBA further informed that cost aspect on improvement in family pension is being worked out and they would soon take a decision on the same.  IBA responded positively on this issue. As regards updation of pension, IBA informed that in view of the high cost involved, it would be difficult to agree to the same.  On our insistence, IBA agreed that any viable and affordable proposition from the UFBU in this regard would be examined.


As regards 5 day banking / 5 day working, IBA regretted their inability to accept our demand in the present situation. From UFBU, we insisted on this issue and hence IBA agreed that if a detailed note is submitted to them with the requisite logic and rationale, they would apply their mind afresh on this issue.


On the issue of regulated working hours for officers, IBA was not inclined to agree to the same. However, on drawing their attention to the note submitted by the Officers Organisation, IBA agreed to study the same and react subsequently.


From the IBA, they wanted to know our views and reactions on introduction of cost to company method as well as fixed and variable pay concepts. From UFBU we have reiterated

our standpoint that the same are not acceptable to us.  IBA also insisted for limiting the wage revision discussions upto scale III officers instead of upto scale VII which was also declined by us.


On the vital issue of improvement in the offer of IBA over 11%, despite our indication that we would be flexible in our demand, depending on improvements in other areas, IBA has conveyed that they are unable to improve their offer unless UFBU scale down further in its demand considering the financial constraints of the banks.  We categorically informed IBA that UFBU would be reasonable and flexible in its approach provided the same is reciprocated by the IBA on the issues raised by us and insisted on IBA to improve their offer to take the negotiations forward.  However, IBA was adamant in their stand and did not improve their offer and stuck to their earlier offer of 11%.  UFBU expressed its unhappiness over the rigid stand of IBA on improvement.


In the UFBU meeting held subsequently, representatives of all the constituent unions expressed their dissatisfaction and condemned the lackadaisical approach and adamant attitude of IBA and unanimously decided to undertake agitational programmes to press our demands and to expedite the settlement.  After deliberations, it was decided to observe One day Protest Strike preceded by the following action programmes:










  Between 18.10.2014  and 31.10.2014


(Date shall be decided by the 

State Unit of UFBU)


 It was also decided that the one day protest strike shall be followed by intermittent and relay strikes as well as indefinite strike. Detailed circular on the date of one day protest strike and other agitation programmes will be issued in due course.


    (M.V. MURLI)





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Comments by ABS :  The above circular clearly shows that the talks between IBA and UFBU have failed completely, but UFBU leaders are reluctant to share all the information with the affected bankers   This type of attitude of IBA and UFBU leaders (waiting for one month for next concrete step) is one of the biggest set backs  for younger generation of bankers who have to spend the rest of their life in the banking industry.    At present we would not like to add anything as circular has shown that there is no headway in any of the matters and IBA, as in the past, is only agreeing to go through the various demands of UFBU.   At the end of meeting it appears there was no consensus between UFBU partners as to when and for how many days there should be strike.    The unity among the UFBU seems to be only fragile as the following comments will indicate.


We would also like to share the comments of Mr Harvinder Singh, GS, AIBOC in their circular : Our Confederation expressed its clear view in the UFBU meeting held on 26th September, 2014, that we want quick and sustained agitational programme against the apathy of IBA and the Government on our just and reasonable demands. We also suggested that our strike call should be for 13th and/or 14th October preceded by programmes like no late sitting, not coming on Sundays and Holidays, Badge wearing, relay hunger strikes, rallies and demonstrations.  Undersigned offered the challenge to hold a rally/demonstration on 27th September, 2014 itself at Delhi. However, the above programme only could be decided by the UFBU


We are giving below the views of Mr Kamlesh Chauturvedi which we have found on FaceBook.  These seems to be appropriate as the UFBU has failed to make the reasons for its muted reaction to IBA's dismissal of their truncated demands.


It is high time to force leaders to open their mouth and redress the queries of the members they are representing at industry level. Its not enough to send identical and similar carefully drafted SMS to their rank and file or issue mechanical stereo type circular which does not furnish sufficient details. It can't be assumed that in four hours long discussions IBA would have shown their reluctance. Obviously it would have elaborated its stand on the basis of some material data etc. We want to know that. Then disagreeing IBA, our leaders would have suggested how their demand of 25% hike in wages can be acceded and would have put forth certain material to counter IBA. We want to know that too. 

Then when UFBU leaders met after the talks to decide further course of action, who moved the proposal of one day strike? Who objected it? What were the view points of different constituent of UFBU?


Respected leaders please don't hide yourself from us, please don't keep every thing as closely guarded secret. We don't intend to send message in public that bankers distrust their leaders and have lost faith in them. But then every thing has its limits. We know how to compel and force you to answer our queries. If we have not resorted to actions its just because we are not like you who have stopped caring for the union they represent and who seldom thinks that their devoted and committed force of members look at them with the hope.


Either act now to come out to reveal what you have kept secret or else get ready for the worst period ahead"


 We also give below the comments of Mr Pawan Goyal (non associated with ABS in any way) :-

28 अक्टूबर 2014 को एक दिन की हड़ताल का कोई औचित्य नजर नहीं आता।

हमने लोकसभा चुनाव से ठीक पहले 10 व 11 फरवरी को 2 दिन की हड़ताल की, जो की बिलकुल बेमानी/बेमतलब थी। UFBU को अच्छी तरह पता था की UPA सरकार से अब कुछ हासिल नहीं किया जा सकता, चुनाव सिर पर है उसके बावजूद 2 दिन की सैलरी की चपत लगवा दी गई।

अब 1 दिन की हड़ताल से फिर पुरानी कहानी दोहरानी शुरू हो गई है। आम बैंक कर्मचारी/अधिकारी इन दिखावटी/नाटकीय हड़तालों से तंग आ चुका है व आर-पार की लड़ाई चाहता है। ज़मीनी स्तर पर ज़्यादातर सदस्य चाहतें हैं की अनिश्चितकालीन हड़ताल होनी चाहिए। उनके विचार से 1-2 दिन की हड़ताल से कुछ हासिल होने वाला नहीं है, सिवाय मुफ्त में एक दिन के वेतन की बलि चढाने के।

यूनियनें क्या सोचती है कि अनिश्चितकालीन हड़ताल कामयाब नहीं होगी? यदि वो ऐसा सोचती हैं तो उन्हें ये भी सोच लेना चाहिए की बिना अनिश्चितकालीन हड़ताल किए सम्मानजनक समझौता भी नहीं हो सकता।

जब अंतिम विकल्प के रूप में अनिश्चितकालीन हड़ताल का ही विकल्प चुनना ही है तो इन 1-2-3 दिन की हड़ताल करने का औचित्य समझ से परे है।

मेरा UBFU की सभी घटक यूनियनों से अनुरोध है की वो इस एक दिन की हड़ताल के निर्णय पर पुनर्विचार कर अनिश्चितकालीन हड़ताल का आह्वान करे। आज यही वक़्त की मांग है।

यह मांग पंजाब नेशनल बैंक एम्प्लाइज यूनियन श्रीगंगानगर के सदस्यों की है एवं सचिव होने के नाते उनकी आवाज को आपके समक्ष रख रहा हूँ।

पवन गोयल 
पंजाब नेशनल बैंक एम्प्लाइज यूनियन 





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