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AIBOA Circular - Is Ground Being Prepared to Surrender The Bankers Fight for Honourable Wage Revision?


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Background by ABS :  We are uploading the circular issued by AIBOA, which is dated 23rd September, 2014, but came to our knowledge today i.e. 25th September, 2014 - Late Evening  (We are not sure when was it actually uploaded  at the website of AIBOA.   The circular appears to be the starting point to prepare their cadre to be ready for surrender as far as Wage Revision is concerned, and fight for the cause of Communist Parties.   I will be giving my views/ interpretation soon in a separate update :-






Circular No.11:VI:2014

23rd September 2014.







Dear Comrades,





The third Central Committee meeting of our organisation was held at Kolkata on 16th and 17th September2014. The first day session was presided over by Com.Alok Khare, Vice Chairman of our Organisation, commenced its proceedings at 11.00 A.M.


The house observed two minutes silence in the memory of the departed personalities of international, national, and organisational personalities.  The nature’s fury on people of J&K and Assam drew special attention.  The proceedings of the Second Central Committee held at Mahabalipuram on 3rd and 4th August 2013 was placed before the house, by Com.M.A.Srinivasan, Deputy General Secretary which was adopted unanimously.


As Com.Bikash Debroy, General Secretary of the host unit was engaged in receiving Com.Rajen Nagar, President AIBEA and Com.C.H.Venkatachalam, General Secretary AIBEA, the formal welcome address was made followed by presentation of the floral bouquets to the President and General Secretary of AIBEA and also to the office bearers of AIBOA. The CC members were also presented with flowers, thus the session started with fragrance of flowers. The issues listed in the Agenda 2,3 and 4 were taken collectively for presentation to members; Developments in Our Industry, steps taken to implement the decision of the extended office bearers meeting held at Chennai on March 20, 2014 and also the Status report on Wage Revision by the General Secretary with the permission of the Vice Chairman.


On the prioritised issue of Wage revision, the CC had the benefit of power point presentation of the complete details so as to enable the members to debate and decide the future course of action in the matter % of the quantum jump and also the our organisational priority of Non Financial demands over the Financial Demands, as Industry is in the process of facing new type of development due to huge retirement during the settlement period as well as the expectations of the youngsters joining the Industry.


After a short tea break, Com.C.H.Venkatachalam, General Secretary AIBEA, dealt in detail the current policy of newly elected one party Government on our Industry, threats and also the challenges to be met by the Public at large as well as the Bankmen in particular. Further the CC had the benefit of reporting of the decisions of the General Council meeting held at Kolkata on 3rd and 4th August 2014 in which our coordination committee team members participated. The need to tackle the present situation in the wage front as well as the resistance movement against the Banking Sector reform jointly by AIBEA and AIBOA, was explained.


This CC had the unique privilege of the participation of the President AIBEA, who in his presentation made a deep analysis of the PJ Nayak Committee in midst of other relevant developments.  While concluding, he emphasised the need of the both organisations to move together to handle the situations collectively. The CC was adjourned for lunch break.


On resumption, the members of the CC presented their view points specifically on Wages. Nearly thirty comrades presented their firm opinion that the present demand placed for negotiation has to be appropriately modulated as our organisation has the prioritised Non Financial issues over financial issues as the Industry in future has to be handled by new generation of employees. Thus the first day session was adjourned after nearly 4 hours of discussion.


As Com, Alok Khare, our Vice Chairman was entrusted with the important assignment of representing AIBOA in UFBU meeting and also in the 12th round of wage Negotiation with IBA at Mumbai, the second day session was presided over by Com.S.S.Shishodia, President AIBOA. The session started at 11.00 A.M.


TARAK INSTITUTE; It was reported to CC the programmes conducted during the period of last 13 months, the registration of Noble Institute of Banking Research under Societies Act, the donation of Rs.1,00,000 remitted by AIBOA Maharastra State Committee for installation the bust of Com.RJS in the RJS Bhavan and efforts made by the central office office bearers to execute the assignment of installation.


On the appeal made to enroll the membership of the society by CC members, it was decided that the membership of the NIBR should be enrolled from the office bearers and CC members of the affiliated units and State Committees in phases. Further it was also reiterated that the affiliated units should utilise the facilities available in the Institute to conduct the leadership training, CC meetings and also defence workshop once in 18 months to achieve the breakeven point.



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TWO ROSES;  The house had a detailed reporting about the number of subscriptions by the affiliated units, the expenditure involved and also the need to achieve the target of 10000 subscriptions as decided in the earlier meeting. Further, it was observed that the quality of the paper should be upgraded and contributions by way of articles from all parts of the country so as to achieve the enhanced quality of the magazine to have the All India stature. It was also decided that the accounts of the house magazine should be maintained for the purpose of ascertaining the outgo from our General fund.  It was also informed to the CC that the office of the magazine will be from our own office as infrastructure is sufficiently available.


FULFILLING THE FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS BY UNITS.  It was clearly presented to the committee that in the absence of proper and regular remittance by the affiliates, as the subscription from the members are received by the units in advance inter alia holding it without remitting to central office hampers and inflict the strain on the functioning, as the maintenance of Institute is also an additional responsibility on the Central Office.


ACCOUNTS; The audited accounts for the period ended 31.12.2013 was presented by Com.G.Gunasekaran, Treasurer of our organisation. The house approved the accounts unanimously after clarifying certain details. Further, it has given its concurrence to liquidate the entry of outstanding against Late Com.RJS and also write-off the some of the items having a book value of below Rs 5000/ as per the advice of our time tested Auditor. The decisions were unanimous,


Felicitations to Com.Narendra Kotiawala, Joint Secretary, AIBOA:  One of the best memorable event during the intervening period was the appointment of Com.Narendra Kotiawala, Joint General Secretary, AIOBOA, General Secretary, AIBOA-Maharastra State Committee, and Joint Secretary, AIBOA as Officer Director in the OBC Bank’s Board with effect from 30.01.2014.  A comrade, who had strong binding with late Com.P.K.Menon, Founder General Secretary, AIBOA over a period of quarter century and stood tall by his contribution to the Bankmen in particular in the entire State of Maharastra.


He was felicitated by Com.S.S.Shishodia, President, AIBOA and the General Secretary, AIBOA jointly in the CC.


ORGANISATION;  The CC had a brief reporting on PSB matter, Contribution to J&K relief work, the urgent need to establish the Private Sector Officers Cell, All India Women’s council, and also to adhere to the time schedule holding the state committee conferences of DELHI, HARYANA, PUNJAB, ORISSA and UP. The dispute in the J&K State committee was also referred.  Further, the CC had the benefit of information about 13 lady comrades participation in the national seminar organised under aegis of AITUC at Delhi in the Parliament Annexe in which the liaison work carried out by our President was also shared.


Though almost all CC members have participated, but due to paucity of time and also excess utilisation of time by few CC members to present a detailed report of the units/state committees, the decisions were arrived at in a capsule manner as submitted by the General Secretary. The decisions are as follows;


a.         The unification Process of PSB Officers organisation should be completed within four weeks time.


b.         The formation of the Private Sector Cell will be undertaken immediately and the meeting will be held at Karnataka State.


c.         The steps to establish the All WOMEN OFFICERS Cell will be also undertaken expeditiously. In the meanwhile, our women representatives will participate in the ALL INDIA WOMENS meet organised by AIBEA drawn from the states in the month of December 2014 at Mumbai.


d.         The CC authorised the General Secretary in the matter of relief to J&k State.


e.         The earnest and serious steps are to be taken by the State committees of DELHI, HARAYANA, PUNJAB and UP to complete the process of much delayed overdue conferences to fall in line the provisions of the constitution of our organisation. To the extent of representation to PSB officers the  office bearer position can be kept unfilled.


f.          The Nainital Bank Officers’ Association which was given provisional affiliation by the General Secretary was ratified by the Central Committee unanimously.


In the concluding remarks by the President, he expressed his viewpoints on PSB matters as well as on relationship and coordination with OBC employees Federation. 


EXCELLENT ARRANGEMENTS BY WEST BENGAL STATE UNIT:  The  true reflection of modern day management of events were well demonstrated by the Team West Bengal with the rich tradition of trade union culture. The birth place of first and foremost trade union of Bankmen in Pre independent India has certainly imbibed the value based approach in all matters in our day to day life and certainly helped to arrive at important and correct decisions. Red Salutes to the West Bengal State Unit led by Com.Bikash Debroy.


With festival greetings and hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel in the matter of wage revision and also on organisational matters,


Yours Comradely, 





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