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Topics for Bank Exams and Interviews - Advanced Banking Awareness / Financial Awareness

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These days most of the competition examinations have a paper for Financial Awareness or Banking Awareness.   Moreover, candidates appearing in banking interviews and internal promotion exams always look for some easy to understand study material.   In this Banking Awareness or Financial Awareness Tutor we try to provide the same for our readers :






(A) Latest Topics / Topics in News in Financial World  :



What are Payment Banks?  Why India Needs Payment Banks?

  Indradhanush : A New Framework for Indian PS Banks

New Key Performance Indicators For Public Sector Banks

A New Era Has Dawned -  Private Sector Executives Enter PS Banks - Appointment of New MDs & CEOs And Non Executive Chairmen Announced

 All About Greece Debt Crisis and Bailout

What is FDI ? What is FDI in Retail Controversy ? Know Everything about FDI in India  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 29/10/2012)

What is Banana Republic?  Who are Mango People? What is Quid Pro Quo ?  What is Sweetheart Deal?  

  Know Everything about Saving Fund Accounts Interest Deregulation and  Highest Rate of Interest on Saving Fund

 Financial Inclusion - Role of Indian Banks in Reaching Out to the Unbanked

ISLAMIC BANKING Shattering the concept of Commercial Banking  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 19/08/2013)



(B) Monetary Policy / Budget and Economic Survey etc. :



Knowledge Update for Budget  : Budget Terms and Definitions - Budget Terminologies by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 29/06/2014)




(C) Overview of Banking and Banking Reforms in India :



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Banking Reforms in Early 2015 and Agenda of Bank Reforms in 2015-16

→  Early Stages of Financial Reforms

→  Major Recommendations by the 2nd Narasimham Committee on Banking Sector Reforms

→  Major Committees on Banking in India

Important Landmrks in Indian Banking and Strcturre of Indian Banking Sector


→  What is Cheque Truncation System  (CTS 2010) ? Know Everything About this new Scheme  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 5th March, 2013)

→  Nationalized Banks vs Public Sector Banks by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 22/12/2012)

CAMELS in Indian Banking - Rating System of Banks

  National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD)

 Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) - Overview and List of RRBs  and Their Addresses



(C1)  Bank Accounts of Special Individuals / Organisations


→  Accounts of Minors


→  Accounts of Blind, Illiterate, Pardanashin Ladies, Married Women etc.




(D)  Deposits :



 Define Bulk Deposits ? Can Bulk Deposit Rates Be Different ? Premature Withdrawal of Deposits - Penalty and Rules  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 08/04/2013)

Types of Bank Deposit Accounts in India -  Current, Saving Bank, Recurring Deposit, Fixed Deposit Accounts


 Dormant Accounts / Inoperative Accounts and Unclaimed Deposits in Banks - Are there disparities in RBI report on unclaimed deposits?


 Certificate of Deposit  (uploaded on 17/06/2014)


DICGC And Rules and Regulations for Insurance of Bank Deposits


Knowledge Update :  What are Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account?  


Public Provident Fund Scheme - PPF Benefits and Rules



(D-1) Customer Service :


  Rights of Customers


(E) Credit / Loans / Advances :-


Knowledge Update :  Overview of Restructuring of Advances Impact of Relaxing of Norms by RBI  by Tilak Gulati (uploaded on 9th August 2015)

Credit  Evaluation in  USA vs India - Importance of Character of Borrower by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 03/07/2015)

Changes by RBI in Priority-Sector Lending (April 2015) by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 09/05/2015); OR Download Detailed Guidelines for PS Lending and Classification

 Standardization of Rating Symbols and Definitions  

CIBIL - Everything You Wanted to Know About CIBILPart I   

Credit Risk Guarantee Fund Scheme for low income housing  ( CRGFSLIH )

Pledge vs Hypothecation  vs Mortgage  by Rajesh  Goyal (uploaded on 28/3/2013)

What is LTV or What is Loan to Value Ratio

Kisan Credit Card - KCC (uploaded on 14/12/2013)

General Credit Card - GCC (uploaded on 14/12/2013)

Reverse Mortgage (uploaded on 11/06/2014)


(F) Non Performing Assets / NPAs / Asset Reconstruction Companies / Bad Loans / Restructuring of Loans:


Non Performing Assets or NPA - An Overview by T.R.Radhakrishnan (uploaded on 10/10/2013)

→  What is Wilful Default ? Guidelines for classifying and monitoring of Wilful Default cases

Asset Reconstruction Company Limited

Asset Classifications and Provisions for Loan Assets - Details and Norms for Bad Loans

 What is Debt Restructuring 



(F) Government Sponsored Schemes:


   Highlights of the Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana  (PMSBY Scheme 1 - for Accidental Death Insurance)


   Highlights of the Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana  (PMJJBY Scheme 2 - for Life Insurance cover)


    Highlights of the Atal Pension Yojana ( APY )



(G) Foreign Exchange





(H)  About Risk Management :


→  Risk Management - Overview

→  Know Everything About Credit Risk

  What is  Market Risk

→  Know Everything About Operational Risk

→  What is Liquidity Risk ?

→  Know Everything About Interest Rate Risk ?

Asset Liability Management in Banks ( ALM )



    BASEL I, Basel II, Basel III  OR BASEL 1,  BASEL 2 , BASEL 3  ACCORDS :- Articles relating to risk management (Basel Accords)





(I)      About ATMs :




    (J) Articles Relating to Financial Statements / Analysis of Balance Sheet etc.


    Balance Sheet - made easy.  What is Balance Sheet - A guide for non commerce students ?

    Balance Sheet - Analysis


     What is Depreciation  -  Importance of Checking Depreciation in Financial Statements of Borrowers and  Need for  Ensuring that It is Provided in Full   by

    V Subramanian




    (K) Treasury Management / Monetary Issues :


  • Correlation between Repo Rate and Base Rate by Pannvalan  (uploaded on 19/06/2015)

  •   What is is Basis Point or BPS ?

  • Base Rate vs. BPLR - Benchmark Prime Lending Rate

  •   What is inflation, deflation, stagflation and hyperinflation by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 12/9/2012)

  •   What are CPI, WPI - How inflation is measured in India by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 12/9/2012)

  •     American Depository Receipts, Global Depository Receipts, Indian Depository Receipts ( ADR vs, GDR vs IDR )

        Marginal Standing Facility (  MSF ). What is Marginal Standing Facility ?

         Yield to Maturity - What is YTM - Everything You Wish to Know About Yield to Maturity

        Understanding Liquidity Management by RBI



    (L) Mutual Funds :


    →   Mutual Funds in India - What is Mutual Fund, What is NAV, List of Mutual Funds, Types of Mutual Funds,


    (M) Stock Markets :


       INDIAN SHARE MARKET Overview and Excellent Guide Based on Practical Experience with Great Tips  



    (N) About Gold and Gemstones :


         Gold Deposit Scheme 1999  &  Recent Amendments (February 2013) -  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 6th March, 2013)

        Carats vs Karats - Gold and Gemstones

        Issues Related to Gold Imports and Gold Loans by NBFCs  - Draft Recommendations of working group

        Golden Paradox - The Golden Paradox (Issue of Rise of Sale of Gold in India )- Some Suggestions  



    (O) Human Resources Development cles :


    Types of Performance Appraisals - An Overview by V.Subramanian

    Stress - Causes and Remedial Measures Dr. Prafulla Ranjan


    Latest Income Tax Slabs in India - Income Tax Act 1961(uploaded on 02/02/2013)



    (P)  Miscellaneous :




    Latest Income Tax Slabs in India - Income Tax Act 1961

    Banks Vs NBFCs - Comparison of Some Regulations

      Which are major regulatory bodies for financial sector in India ?

     Bancassurance - What is Bancassurance ?

       What is PAN ? Know Everything About Permanent Account Number


      PPF Demystified by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 4/5/2014)





      (I) USA :


                  →  What is the financial term 'Great Rotation'  Popular Now a days in USA?  -   by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 6th March, 2013)


                   →  What is Fiscal Cliff - Everything About Fiscal Cliff in US   by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 22/12/2012)


                 Federal Reserve System or FED - Know Everything About FED  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 14/9/2012)          


               →  Data on US Banks and Link to National Information Centre (USA) to obtain data of banks in USA



    (II) Pakistan :


         →  Has Banking in Pakistan Become Unsound




    (ZA) Ready Reckners for Interest Calculations - Interest Charts:-




    (ZB) Mediclaim Insurance in India







    ARCHIVES  (Articles which are old and only useful for those who wish to see previous month / year's news items )



    RBI circulars :  Month Wise Gist of Circulars Issued by RBI


    Gist of RBI circulars Issued During August 2014 

    Gist of RBI circulars Issued During July 2014

    Gist of RBI circulars Issued During June 2014

    Gist of RBI circulars Issued During May 2014

    Gist of RBI circulars Issued During April 2014

    Gist of RBI circulars Issued During March 2014

    Gist of RBI circulars Issued During February 2014

    Gist of RBI circulars Issued During January 2014


     Gist of RBI circulars 2013




     Tax Proposals in Union Budget 2014 -15  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 10/07/2014)


      Proposals Relating to Financial Sector  in Union Budget 2014 -15  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 10/07/2014)


    Highlights of the Economic Survey for 2013-14 (Presented in Parliament on 09/07/2014)

      HIGHLIGHTS OF THE RAILWAY BUDGET 2014-15  (Presented in Parliament on 08/07/2014)


    Highlights of Vote on Account (Budget) 2014-15 (Important for Internal promotions 2014)



    (Q) DATA :



    →  Amount of Dividend Paid on Equity by Public Sector Banks As on 31/03/2012  (uploaded on 02/02/2013)


      Shareholding Pattern of Public Sector Banks as on 31/03/2012 (uploaded on 02/02/2013)


    →   Banking Sector - A Excellent Research Report (December 2012)


            Key Economic Indicators - Oct 2012


    → Data On banking in India From 1969-2004


    →  Data on US Banks and Link to National Information Centre (USA) to obtain data of banks in USA


     Development Indicators - India - From 1961 - upto 2011-12 (Source World Bank)