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Major Committees on Banking in India



Rajesh Goyal 


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Major Committees on Banking  in India



1969 Gadgil Priority Sector Lending
1975 Prakash Tandon Follow up of Bank Credit
1975 M. Narasimham Establishment of RRBs
1975 Lakshmi Narayan Consortium Lending
1979 R.K. Talwar Customer Service
1980 K.B. Chore Review of Cash Credit System
1981 B. sivaraman (CRAFICARD) Setting up of NABARD
1983 Y.B. Damle MICR Introduction
1986 Rangarajan Bank Mechanisation
1988 Vaghul Money Market
1989 P.D. Ojha Service Area Approach
1989 S.C. Kalyanasundaram Introduction of Factoring Services
1991 Rangarajan Bank Mechanisation
1991 Kushro Review of Agriculture Credit System
1991 M.N. Goiporia Customer Service Improvement
1991 M. Narasimham Financial Sector Reforms
1992 S.A. Dave Functioning of Mutual Funds
1992 A.C. Shah NBFCs
1992 C. Rao Agriculture Policy
1993 Raja Chelliah Tax Reforms
1993 Ghosh Frauds and Malpractices
1993 I.T. Vaz Norms for Working Capital Finance by Banks
1993 J.V. Shetty Consortium Lending by Banks
1993 P.R. Nayak Institutional Credit to SSIs
1993 Goswami Industrial Sickness and Exit Policy
1993 R. Jilani Credit Delivery System
1993 D.R. Mehta Review of Progress of IRDP
1993 R.N. Malhotra Insurance Sector Reforms
1995 Sodhani NRI Investments in India
1995 S. Padmanabhan Banking Supervision
1995 K.S. Shere Electronic Funds Transfer
1996 R. Jilani Inspection System in Banks
1997 B.D. Shah Stock Lending Schemes
1997 S.S. Tarapore Capital Account Convertibility
1997 Paneer Selvam N.P.A. in Banks
1998 Gupta R.V. Agriculture Credit Delivery
1998 M. Narasimham Financial Sector Reforms II
1998 S.L. Kapoor Institutional Credit Flow to SSI
1998 R.H. Khan Harmonization of the Role of Financial Institution in Banks
1998 Malegam Reforms in Primary Market
1998 C.B. Bhave Share Transfer Reforms
1998 Y.V. Reddy Financial Aggregate System
1999 Balakrisha Eradi Insolvency Law and Winding Up
1999 M.S. Verma Measures for Weak Banks






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2000 S.S. Kohli Rationalization of Staff Strength in Banks
2000 V.S. Vyas Rural Credit
2000 Dave Pension Sector Reforms
2000 S.V.S. Raghavan Competition Law
2000 Adhyarjuna Changes in NI Act, Stamp Act etc.,
2001 R.J. Kamath Revision of Education Loan Scheme
2001 Y.V. Reddy Small Savings Reforms
2001 S.S. Kohli Rehabilitation of Sick SSI Units
2001 S.S. Kohli Willful Defaulters
2001 P.R. Khanna Clarifications To NPAs
2002 L.N. Mitra Frauds
2003 M.V.S. Chalpati Rao Restructuring of RRBs
2004 A.S. Ganguly Corporate Governance
2004 Vijay Khelkar Tax Structure Rationalization
2004 Rakesh Mohan Small Savings: Tax and Interest Rates
2005 V.S. Vyas Credit Flow to Agriculture and Relative Activities
2007 S.C. Gupta Money Lending and Enforcement Mechinery
2007 S.S. Johl Assisting Distressed Farmer
2008 Dr. C. Rangarajan Financial Inclusion
2010 Deepak Mohanty Base Rate



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