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Bank Promotion Tests  - Bank Internal Promotion Tests

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Rajesh Goyal 




Promotions in banks are always eagerly awaited.   After 2012 GoI guidelines, now a days, most of the banks complete the process of promotions in the first quarter of the FY itself so that majority of transfers can be completed by 30th June of the year itself.   We have been uploading number of articles which can be of interest to bankers on our website from time to time.    However, such articles are grossly insufficient to meet the requirements of promotion tests conducted by various banks.


There are number of Institutes which hold regular classes just before the bank promotion tests.   They charge quite heavily although most of the said the material is available free of cost on internet.  I feel, they charge purely for the efforts  put up by them for consolidating the same and giving an updated final shape which is easy to revise etc.    On subjects like Banking Law, circulars issued by RBI, FEMA etc, there is nothing like original contributions of the authors or thinking that to be copyright material, because you can not change even a word sometimes.   Websites like wikipedia provide so much in depth material free of cost and without any copyright.    In the  and thus we have decided to keep everything free of cost at our website and anybody will be free to copy the same - thus our website is  not copyright  but  COPYLEFT ! (It is free only for personal use of bankers and not free for further commercial use or copy pasting on some other websistes).


We are starting this free study material page, as lot of bankers find it difficult to get leave and join regular classes.    This new section which will be TOTALLY  FREE  OF  COST  wherein we will upload material  which is easy to understand and grasp.      I know it is a difficult task, but  if our readers also contribute, this can become a real Knowledge Centre.   Remember that I am not vying with veterans in this field who have been in this business for over two decades and have lot of resources for giving good stuff.    Their focus is always only and only to provide material which is test specific.    However, with my little knowledge and limited resources, I intend to provide my fellow bankers, specially the young bankers, with material which will not only help them in promotion tests, but can be ready-recknor during day to day working.   The biggest challenge for me will be to keep the same updated as it is Herculean task to do this within limited resources and keeping this Free of Cost.   Therefore, readers should feel free and must point out the errors / amendments / changes either through emails  ( or through the discussion forum which we intend to give on each page so that fellow bankers are able to get correct information.


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I intend to keep this page as the main page (Therefore, in case you intend to appear in test this year, save the link to this page in your Favourites for direct access .  It will be from this page that you will get links for all the materials and practice test papers (Some of these may be available in deeper links).   Most of these links are likely to be available from 1st March, 2013.   Till that time bankers may send us their suggestions and material available with them  (specially the bank wise material as I will be solely dependent on our readers for contributions) so that we can arrange the same and upload before the promotion test process starts.   



Part I : Free Study Material For Tests Conducted For Internal Promotions Across All Banks




These topics are important for internal bank exams.


Highlights of Vote on Account (Budget) 2014-15 (Important for Internal promotions 2014)


Important Topics for Internal Exams (objective type questions are also likely to be carved out of these topics)




Exercises on Current Data : (Exercises 001 onwards)


Exercises Based on Current Banking Awareness and RBI circulars / guidelines :


Internal Promotion Test Exercise No 1 / 2014

Internal Promotion Test Exercise No 2 / 2014

Internal Promotion Test Exercise No 3 / 2014

Internal Promotion Test Exercise No 4 / 2014






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