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Deposit Calculator  



' Deposit Calculator ' return the Maturity Value of a fixed deposit i.e. term deposit.  You have the option of choosing the compounding frequency as  either as  Monthly or Quarterly or  Half-yearly or Yearly.  However, banks in India normally compound the amount on quarterly basis.



Effective yield is the actual return on the deposit. It depends on the rate of interest and the frequency of compounding.


  Principal Amount (in Rupees)
  Period of Fixed Deposit (in years)   (fractions not allowed)
  Rate of Interest (in %)
  Frequency of Compounding
Effective yield %
 Maturity Amount of Fixed Deposit (Rs.)   


Deposit Calculator :  There can be various types of deposits in banks viz saving deposits, recurring deposits, terms deposits (popularly called fixed deposits).   The above calculator is for fixed deposits.   For other deposit calculators click on the links below:-






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