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Fulfilling of Merely  Three Demands in Xth Bipartite Settlement  Will Satisfy Bankers







The heading of an article "2012 - What is Likely In Store for Bankers in the year when next Wage Revision is Due"  is very strange statement as all of we know that picture about the settlement had already remained vague and the reality senario is very diffrent from the initial demands. The last settlement was meant only for the benefit of older staff or Pension op tee and it is good that all of them are benefited at the cost of there younger staff. You can directly compute the benefit % by comparing the officer in scale one to that of Officer in later stage of scale III & above you will find the answer. What i feel that every one of us should participate in the event call BIPARTITE SETTLEMENT. you give levy, you give monthly subscription you give the power to Union Leaders who enjoy posting etc benefits purely for themselves. what i feel about the point which should be there in settlement are

1. Uniform Salary Structure: Being A Public Undertaking we also have the same stature that of various Power Sector which are enjoying title of MAHARATNA, Navratna etc. The salary & perks of Banks should be same as that of These Industry. Not to mention that profits of some banks are much higher than these industry


2. 5 DAYS WEEK: Since Technology have taken care of many of the banking facilities.Now you can transfer your fund from anywhere any time access your account. Withdraw Cash etc have changed the picture of banking. Further since Govt of India Employees are enjoying 5 Days week why only bankers should suffer. A banker have to work like day and night like anything.



3. Proper Timing: Official General Time of Banks is 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM but you will hardly find anybody leaving offfice before 7.30 or 8:00 PM . even ladies are also forced to sit. Hence a Fix time should be introdused in the banks. Further if anybody sits after the office hours compensation by the banks should be given on hourly basis.



I think only if these three points are taken care of there will be no need of fights in future everyone will be benefited automatically.  This is the time we all have to get up and say that WE ARE THE OFFICERS UNION