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The ‘Quant’ section will test the fundamentals and application skills. Thus the prime focus should be on the basics of Arithmetic, Algebra, Modern Mathematics and Geometry which are generally taught up to the tenth standard. Solving mathematical problem is like a magic show, more the tricks you know, more the chances that the audience will appreciate it.

So the best way to crack the exam is to stop panicking and concentrate on the basics and learn tricks.


What is Quant all about?



Preparation for Quant


To start with this section, you should first accustom yourself with all possible types of questions. Once you complete that, you will get a fair idea about your strength and weakness in that particular area. Based on this, one should allocate time for preparation for each topic but remember not to loose strong fronts while mending weaker walls.

Next, comes the hard part i.e. Practice (but the most fruitful too). It is important and necessary to learn all formulae and keep revising them (you can make a formulae sheet and keep practicing on more difficult problems). Feel comfortable with numbers and calculations. You should memorize multiplication tables atleast till 30, squares and cubes and reciprocal percentages by heart. This will give you an edge over other students in speedy calculations as speed is of essence in the Bank PO/Clerical examination. But all this will fail if you don’t do one most important thing, which is PRACTICE.



Books & preparation material for Quant


‘Back to Basics’ is the right strategy for your preparation of Bank PO/Clerical entrance exam’s Quant section. I would suggest to start preparation with the very basic materials like NCERT arithmetic text books from classes VIII to X. They will help you build sound concepts.


Apart from the NCERT books, you can also find practice books at (

Apart from them, you can also invest on the course materials provided by coaching institutes. They provide comprehensive material for your preparation along with enough practice materials.



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